Change of SGS CE Marking Due to Brexit

Date : January 2020

We, Pleasure Latex Products Sdn. Bhd. hereby inform you, our esteem business partner that due to Brexit, SGS UK had migrated the CE 0120 marking of our medical devices to SGS Belgium, refer attached CE1639 marking certificate, dated 16 December 2019. This invalidate the previous SGS CE 0120 marking certificate.

SGS Belgium allows Pleasure Latex Product Sdn. Bhd. to continue shipping the CE 0120marking medical devices for up to 6 months, i.e. to 15 June 2020. This is to use up the pre-printed packaging materials.

As for our customer (business partner), once you received the CE 0120 marking shipment, the medical device can continue to be placed on the market until the medical device expiry date as printed on the packaging.

The time limit to ship the CE O12O marked medical devices is on Pleasure Latex Products Sdn.Bhd. only.